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"Looking for the beautiful in all living soul, photography is painting with light"

Clément Fontaine

Wildlife and conservation photographer

Clément Fontaine

Wildlife and conservation photographer

To join Clément on a tour with Wild Alpine Travel please visit our website or contact us to enquiry about upcoming tours

Jaguar safari in Pantanal

Join me in Pantanal for a lifetime wildlife experience. Discover and photograph jaguars and many other south american animals.

Safari in Northern Tanzania

Safari in one of the most famous and wild great plains. Kingdom of lions, leopard and cheetah. From Tarangire national park to Serengeti via Ngorongoro crater.

Snow leopard safari

A quest in a high altutide desert of Ladakh of the grey ghst the snow leopard. Be ready for one of the most challenging  and rewarding safari.

Tiger and rhino safari in Nepal

Discover the lowland of nepal's Terai on foot and jeep in search of wild tiger, one horned rhino and elephant, wilderness experience guaranty.

Iberian lynx workshop

Come with me to hide in spain waiting for one of the most elusive cat in europe.